All India Loco Running Staff Association is a categorical trade union of Loco Pilots, Shunting Loco Pilots and Assistant Loco Pilots in Indian Railways.
Address : Yellow Building
P.O. Anara R S
Dist. Purulia
West Bengal
Registration no : 17903

    a. To organize an independent and free Association of the Loco Running Staff of Indian Railways on the principles of Trade Unions.
    b. To promote fraternal relation and unity among the Loco Running Staff irrespective of caste, religion and to strengthen the sense of duty and help them in managing their trade union affairs.
    c. To cultivate and maintain good relations with the administration with a view to safe guarding the interest of Railway and Loco Running Staff in respect of wages, duty hours and living and proper working conditions.
    d. To promote watch and defend the social, economic interests and democratic rights and privileges of all Loco Running Staff on Indian Railways in all matters relating to their employment.
    e. To work in co-operation with other sister organizations or with other categories of workers for the general betterment of the Railwaymen in general and Loco Running Staff in particular.
    f. To secure and maintain for the Loco Running Staff:
      •  Freedom of Speech
      •  Freedom of Press
      •  Freedom of Association
      •  Freedom of Assembly
      •  Right to Strike
      •  Right to represent and protect legitimate rights.
    g. To fight against any act of discrimination - Social, Economic, Political against the Loco Running Staff.
    h. To amalgamate any other association or Union or Council having kindered aims and objects for greater unity.
    i. To publish journals.
    j. To undertake prosecution of defence of any legal proceedings to which any of its members may be a party for the purpose of protecting the rights of the members arising out of its relations with his employer.
    k. To conduct a Trade dispute on behalf of a member.
    a. All Loco Running Staff that is Loco Pilots Mail, Loco Pilots Passenger, Loco Pilots Goods, Loco Pilots Shunting and Assistant Loco Pilots in the Indian Railways can become members of this Association on payment of membership fees and agreeing to abide by the rules, bye-laws and decisions of the Association
    b. Annual subscription will be Rs. 100/- for Loco Pilots,Shunting Loco Pilots and Asst. Loco Pilots.
    a. General Council including the Central Office Bearers
    b. The executive committee of the General Council
General Council
The general council is the Supreme body of the Association and shall consists of delegates on the basis of one delegate for every 100 paid members subject to a minimum of one from each branch including central office bearers and zonal President and Secretary
  1. Convention shall meet once in 2 years

  2. Passing through audited statements of accounts and other reports including secretary general report
  3. Electing new Office-bearers
  4. Any other subjects for consideration brought by the Secretary General and the Subject Committee
  5. One month notice shall be given before convening the general council
  6. Resolution for consideration by General Council from zones should be submitted to the Secretary General at least 15 days before General council
  7. The subject Committee consisting of Central Office-bearers and zonal President, Secretary should consider the resolutions.
Special Convention
Special Convention is considered on demand of at least 3 zonal councils on specific agenda:

General Executive Committee

  1. President

  2. Working President
  3. Not more than 4 Vice-President
  4. Secretary General
  5. 2 Joint Secretary Generals
  6. Not more than 2 Assistant Secretaries
  7. Treasurer
  8. One Organising Secretary from each zone
  9. All Zonal President and Secretary and one member per 300 members and part thereof above 250
CEC shall meet twice in a year on 21 days notice.

Zonal Council One Zonal Council for each Zonal Railway, Divisional Council for each Divisional Railway, Branch Council for each Depot